I am a Research Scientist at New York University, in the Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science. I work jointly within the labs of Jon Winawer and Marisa Carrasco, where I conduct research in the field of visual neuroscience. Prior to this, I received my PhD in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (2019) from the University of York where I worked with Alex Wade and was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Career Research Fellow within the NextGenVis consortium.

I am interested in the relationship between cortical anatomy, neural encoding, and visual perception; how the nervous system translates visual signals into an internal representation of visual space, which forms the basis of how we perceive and interact with our visual environment. My research blends fMRI, psychophysics, and computational modeling to study retinotopic maps in human visual cortex. I test how these maps represent and encode visual information throughout the visual field, how this differs between individuals, and how variability impacts our visual perception. Broadly, my research targets the following questions:

Please feel free to email me if you need any advice on collecting or analysing retinotopy data, etc.

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